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Canine Resistance Training (CRT)

Welcome to the official online educational resource for Canine Resistance Training (CRT). On this site, you will find the required material needed to progress in your Canine Resistance Training. Take a look around, and I hope you enjoy!

  • Comprehensive CRT Program

    This product contains all three programs! If you want to start a novice dog and work through to max effort, or competition prep- this is THAT product!

    You will receive all three programs, laid out in succession, to maximize your dog's potential!

    Buy $350
  • Chuting for Competition

    This program is ALL about submaximal and maximal effort! This is the Level 3 program and the most advanced of the programs! You will want to make sure you have done the proper foundation before hitting this program! You will be introduced to the 4 week training cycle, how to find and establish working numbers that drive the program and help you and your dog succeed in pushing the limits in training! Regardless if you have aim for the competition track or not, this is the true test of gameness!

    Buy $150
  • Canine Resistance Training- The Building Blocks

    New to CRT? This is where everyone starts. Get information on proper equipment, appropriate fit, foundation concepts and a sample beginner program! Welcome to Canine Resistance Training!

    Buy $150
  • CRT Combo!

    Want to get started in weight pull and use the canine resistance training program to ensure solid foundation through structured programming? Look no further! The "Combo" includes BOTH the Level 1 and Level 2 programs that will take a novice dog ( no experience needed) and help you get started in the foundational work essential for health and longevity, regardless of competition aspirations! The purchase includes the theory and core concepts, along with videos and "how to" visuals to aide in long distance learning!

    Buy $250
  • Digging Deeper; Focus on Performance

    This program is all about dynamic effort, or the performance aspect of the Canine Resistance Training (CRT) Program. This is the Level 2 program of the training system, and is the follow up to the Building Blocks program. This will introduce several new concepts to both the dog and handler, and the rigor of resistance training is advanced! With this purchase, you will receive a new weekly training cycle and different exercises to incorporate into the training blocks!

    Buy $150